breakout 1

Breakout Session 1

Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Keith & Stacie Groben
Learn from the Bible about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. If you have not received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence in speaking in tongues, we will be laying our hands on you to revive!
11:15 AM - Gold Room
breakout 2

Breakout Session 2

Church Unity

Keith Wood
Keith Wood is the author of the book The Kingdom Way. Keith carries a timely and important message on the effectiveness of intentional unity among the Body of Christ.
11:15 AM - Silver Room
breakout 3

Breakout Session 3

Divine Healing

Holly Zepeda
Learn from the Bible about the ministry of divine healing! Healing is part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is for you today! We will be laying hands on everyone who wants to receive healing for the Lord Jesus Christ!
3:30 PM - Gold Room
breakout 4

Breakout Session 4

Effective Prayer

Darcy Schumacher
Learn about how to pray confidently and effectively according to the will of God. Discover the keys of faith to answered and effective prayer!
3:30 PM - Silver Room
breakout 5

Breakout Session 5

Prophetic Activation

Dave Viljoen
Learn from the Bible about the difference between the Gift of Prophecy and the Ministry of the Office of the Prophet. We will be having a specific time of activation for the Gift of Prophecy!
4:30 PM - Turquoise Room